August 31st Through November 21st
12 Weeks, Up To 4 Training Sessions Per Week of

Professional Strength & Conditioning, and Speed & Agility Training For Soccer Players

Monday & Wednesday Location: SOCOFIT 975 W Garden Of The Gods Rd, Suite H, Colorado Springs 80907
Tuesday & Thursday Location: Outdoor Venue TBD

Join at any time!

Become A STRONGER, FASTER Soccer Player This Fall Season.
Reduce Your Risk Of Injury, Become Faster & More Impactful On The Field
COVID put a dampener on the progression of players around the globe, so now it's time to come back even better than before!
Peak Soccer Conditioning have produced a 14-Week Comprehensive Strength & Conditioning Program that incorporates speed & agility, strength & power, endurance, and mental skills training to help athletes:

>> Stay focussed on the field
>> Move their body better for faster sprints, better control of the ball, and more rapid reactions
>> Support Their Joints to Reduce the likelihood of common soccer Injuries such as ankle, knee (ACL) and hip and back
>> Increase power output for explosive jumps, lightning-fast acceleration, and accurate striking
>> Develop a stronger core to hold off opponents, shield the ball, and have a more powerful strike on the ball
>> Significantly reduce the incidence of quadriceps and hamstring strains

Work with us this Fall and we you won't be able to tell that COVID derailed your training. You'll be stronger, faster, more powerful and you'll stand out on the field. Your pro coaches will help you take your game to the next level.
How to reduce your risk of Injury & become a strong, formidable soccer player
Focus on technique and perform the drills that will dramatically improve your strength, speed, agility, endurance and power.
Questions & Get Professional Advice
Have a specific question about your soccer performance and don't know where to turn? Ask our pro coaches for help!
Your new knowledge to become a more valuable player
Practice. Practice. Practice.
"Soccer stars aren't born. They're created."
- M.Chapman, 2014
Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Per Week Should I Train?
That does depend on what your current level of athleticism is. If you did not train during the COVID shut down, 4 times per week is recommended but not required. Our sessions will balance training and recovery strategies to ensure that athletes are not over-training. For this reason, we will not train Friday, Saturday or Sunday, to allow for rest prior to and after weekend games.
If you are unsure, please call or email Michelle and she will be happy to discuss your athlete's situation and recommend based on current and desired performance levels: (720) 295-1499 or michelles@peaksoccerconditioning.com
How Many Sessions Per Week Are Available?
You may attend between 2 & 4 training sessions per week, depending on the training option you select
I missed the first week. Can I still join?
Absolutely. You can join at any point during the program and we will have our coaches make sure that you are aware of the foundations so that you can participate in all sessions.
What Times & Days Are Training Sessions
Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated strength days with our professional strength & conditioning coach, who is a certified USA Weightlifting Coach.
Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated speed & agility training days with our Head of Performance, and/or one of our sports performance coaches

Monday & Wednesday (SOCOFIT)
Training: Strength & Power

4:30-5:30 Male U14+
5:45-6:45 Female U14+

Tuesday & Thursday (Outdoor Location)
Training: Speed & Agility

4:30-5:30 Male U14+
5:45-6:45 Female U14+
How Do I Know Which Classes To Attend?
Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated strength days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated speed & agility training days. You may choose your attendance days based on your availability and your preference for training. While we would prefer players to stick to the same schedule for the duration of the program, we also allow the flexibility to change training days based on family/game commitments.

>> If you attend twice per week, we recommend one strength and one speed and agility session
>> If you attend three times per week, you should select two strength days and one speed & agility day if you are already fast but want to improve your acceleration or striking 
     power, or are recovering from injury, or two speed & agility and one strength day if you are strong, but not as quick as you would like.
>> If you attend four times per week, you will attend two strength and two speed and agility sessions

Usual training days are Monday (strength), Tuesday (speed & agility), Thursday (speed & agility)
Your coach has arranged a scrimmage on a Tuesday or changed a practice time, so that week you attend Monday (strength), Wednesday (strength), Thursday (speed & agility)
How do I let you know which classes I am attending?
When you register for training, you will create an account through Zenplanner. You can download the Zenplanner app from Google Play or the iTunes store. Use the email address you registered with and the password that will have been sent to you via email. In the app (or when logging in to the website version) you will see the classes you are eligible to attend. Click on the class you wish to participate in and hit the star button to reserve. This must be done 6 hours in advance of class time so that we can prepare for sessions and ensure we have adequate social distancing.

If you cannot attend a class, you must cancel your reservation by clicking on the star icon within 2 hours of the class starting or your class will be forfeited. This is especially important if you are on a 3 or 3 session per week plan.
What happens if I miss a class?
If you miss a class and did not cancel your reservation within 2 hours of the session starting, your session will have been forfeited.
If you cancel outside of the 2 hour window, you may select another class to attend that week or in a future week, so long as it is within the same 4-week block
Sessions do NOT roll over. They expire at the end of each 4-week block.
What do I need to bring with me to sessions?
For strength sessions, flat soled shoes such as converse are ideal but tennis shoes are what most athletes wear. Please do not purchase new shoes if the ones your son/daughter have are already supportive and fit well.

For Speed & Agility sessions, tennis shoes and cleats should be brought to every session, as well as sunscreen.
Bring to each session: Water, medications where necessary, sunscreen, towel if your son/daughter tends to sweat
Why aren't there any sessions for U13 and under?
If you are U13 and under, please contact Michelle to find out about additional training availability
Can I continue training once the season is over?
Absolutely. Our programs are periodized which means that we program for pre, in and off season development. There will be a Winter Training Program that will commence after Thanksgiving break.
If I have an injury, can I still attend the group training sessions?
In most cases, yes, but we would need to know about the extent of the injury and the limitations prior to attendance. If the injury is recent, and/or your son'daughter is under the care of a physician, we will need a physician release/partial release with modifications so that we can keep him/her safe.
Depending on the injury and the impact, we may suggest 1:1 or small group training for a period of time before transitioning to group training.
Do you offer any personalized coaching?
Yes. We do provide remote coaching options for athletes who are unable to attend group training. 1:1 training is available with our certified Sports Performance Coaches, and is ideal for players with current or recurring injuries, or those who want to accelerate results. Small Group Personal Coaching is also available for a maximum of 4 athletes at a time.

Contact Michelle for more information: (720) 295-1499 or michelles@peaksoccerconditioning.com
How Much Does Training With Peak Soccer Conditioning Cost?
Your professionally coached comprehensive training program is split into 3 equal payments. You will automatically be enrolled in auto-pay and billing will occur every 4 weeks.

2 sessions per week = $119 per 4-weeks ($14.86 per session)
3 sessions per week = $149 per 4-weeks ($12.42 per session)
4 sessions per week = $179 per 4-weeks ($11.19 per session)
Do you offer discounts for siblings who attend training?
Yes. The second sibling will receive 10% off their training, and the third sibling 20%. Registration for siblings must be completed via phone so that we can apply the discounts for you. For large family rates, please contact Michelle: (720) 295-1499 or michelles@peaksoccerconditioning.com
Do you have adult training?
Yes. We have a team of coaches at SOCOFIT who can help you with your fitness, performance and health goals. We have female only group strength classes, along with small group personal training and 1:1 training. Contact Michelle at (720) 295-1499 or michelles@peaksoccerconditioning.com for more information
Who Are The Coaches?
Michelle Smith is the Head of Performance and Owner of Peak Soccer Conditioning. She is a personal training educator and has developed curriculum and training courses for sports performance coaches. She is also a mentor to hundreds of personal trainers around the world and a veteran sports performance coach. Michelle's career started in England where she trained with the F.A (English Football Association (Soccer)), and was the Sports Therapist for a semi-professional men's soccer team in the USA. She has certifications as a sports nutrition specialist, speed and agility coach, olypmic lifting coach and program design specialist.

Andrew Marquez is a USA Weightlifting Coach, personal training educator, rehab specialist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Andrew was a colleg
You're a soccer player who KNOWS that you have an exceptional ability, but, there seems to be something missing.

You aren’t quick enough, fast enough or explosive enough to be effective in the position you love. You're being caught by your opponents. Your legs feel HEAVY when you run.  You've been told you need to work on your running form.

You're sitting on an untapped potential to make the starting line up every week; to be selected for the academy program, to train and play with ODP, DA teams, or to get that college scholarship, and eventually live out your dream as a professional player.

The sad reality is that less than 2.5% of female high school soccer players will make it to a NCAA Division I collegiate team. Only 1.8% will make it to a Division II team, and 2.8% to a Division III team. Add to the mix that there are more than 1.4 million female youth soccer players in the USA, you can see why, with the pool of players being so large, that the probability of excelling in this sport is so low.
But it's not all doom and gloom because every year, MORE THAN 102,000 players WILL be selected for higher level training and competition, AND college soccer and YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM.
BUT, with such low probabilities (less than 2.9%), how do you make sure you're one of the top 7% who move from high school to collegiate soccer? How do you make yourself stand out from the other 93% who won't make it?

By developing EXCEPTIONAL PHYSICAL ABILITY that will complement your technical and tactical knowledge of the game. If you can understand the game yet the body won't respond, you can't be an effective soccer player.

How will strength training help me?

Soccer players MUST build a strong foundation (much like a bridge), if they want to be effective. Stronger muscles lead to greater levels of control of the body; which reduces the risk of injury, improves control of the ball; makes it easier to acquire new technical skills and to execute current skills to a higher level.

If your foundations are faulty, expecting to be able to run faster, jump higher, strike more powerfully and hold off a challenge is the equivalent to sending heavy traffic over a crumbling bridge. It won't get stronger. It'll simply make the foundations more shaky until it collapses (usually injury or simply quitting soccer in our case).

This is where WINTER STRENGTH & CONDITIONING comes in.

--> Develop explosive power by training for strength
--> Maximize power output for throw-ins, headers and powerful strikes on the ball
--> Develop the core strength to withstand a challenge and reduce the risk of injury
--> Train your body to recover faster from games/practices
--> Strengthen the joints of the body and learn how to load to
      reduce the risk of ankle, knee, hip and back injuries

Peak Soccer Conditioning are the EXPERTS in Strength and Speed Development in Colorado Springs with a female head performance coach who understands that there are physiological  & positional differences when training soccer players. Youth players are NOT small adults. A youth's body IS different and we have to account for puberty, growth spurts, hormonal variances and physical differences which many coaches simply don't understand.

Let us show you HOW you can develop your STRENGTH & ENDURANCE CAPACITY from DAY ONE and continue to progress with this 20 hour contact time Soccer Strength & Conditioning Program in Colorado Springs.

Stand out from the crowd.

Be one of the 7%. Reduce your risk of injury. Be THE player to look out for.
U12 Soccer Player, Colorado
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