Colorado Springs
JULY 8th - JULY 11th
10:30am - 12:00pm
John Venezia Park, Colorado Springs
Exclusive Speed & Agility Training For Soccer Players
Become A Faster Soccer Player, On & Off The Ball
This focused 6-hour Explosive Speed & Agility Camp will have you exploding away from the competition; turning on a dime on and off the ball; eliminating the heavy legs and feet that slow you down; improving sprint mechanics and reducing the risk of injury.
Impress your coach; leave the competition in the dust & become the player that makes the difference between a successful game & a lackluster performance. Your pro coach will help you take your game to the next level.
The Speed Masters Soccer Speed Secrets
Focus on technique and perform the drills that will dramatically improve your speed - IMMEDIATELY!
Questions & Get Professional Advice
Have a specific question about your soccer performance and don't know where to turn? Ask our pro coach for help!
Your new knowledge to become a faster, more valuable player
Practice. Practice. Practice.
"Soccer stars aren't born. They're created."
- M.Chapman, 2014
You're a soccer player who KNOWS that you have an exceptional ability, but, there seems to be something missing.

You aren’t quick enough, fast enough or explosive enough to be effective in the position you love. You're being caught by your opponents. Your legs feel HEAVY when you run.  You've been told you need to work on your running form.

You're sitting on an untapped potential to make the starting line up every week; to be selected for the academy program, to train and play with ODP, DA teams, or to get that college scholarship, and eventually live out your dream as a professional player.

The sad reality is that less than 2.5% of female high school soccer players will make it to a NCAA Division I collegiate team. Only 1.8% will make it to a Division II team, and 2.8% to a Division III team. Add to the mix that there are more than 1.4 million female youth soccer players in the USA, you can see why, with the pool of players being so large, that the probability of excelling in this sport is so low.
But it's not all doom and gloom because every year, MORE THAN 102,000 players WILL be selected for higher level training and competition, AND college soccer and YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM.
BUT, with such low probabilities (less than 2.9%), how do you make sure you're one of the top 7% who move from high school to collegiate soccer? How do you make yourself stand out from the other 93% who won't make it?

By developing EXCEPTIONAL PHYSICAL ABILITY that will complement your technical and tactical knowledge of the game. If you can understand the game yet the body won't respond, you can't be an effective soccer player.

Does that mean you need to simply sprint more?

No. What we need to do is build a strong foundation (much like a bridge), and learn HOW to accelerate, HOW to change direction quickly, WHAT to do in those first 3 to 5 yards to chase down an opponent, to accelerate away from and out maneuver an opponent, and MOST importantly, HOW to be fast ON the ball.

If your foundations are faulty, repeatedly running sprints is like sending heavy traffic over a crumbling bridge. It won't get stronger. It'll simply make the foundations more shaky until it collapses (usually injury or simply quitting soccer in our case).


We are the EXPERTS in Speed Development in Colorado Springs with a female head performance coach who understands that there are physiological  & positional differences when training soccer players. And youth players are NOT small adults. A youth's body IS different and we have to account for puberty, growth spurts, hormonal variances and physical differences which many coaches simply don't understand.

Let us show you HOW you can develop your EXPLOSIVE SPEED from DAY ONE and continue to progress with this 6-hour contact time Soccer Speed & Agility Camp in Colorado Springs.

The majority of our athletes improve their 20yd sprint by 0.3 seconds within an hour, without running repeated sprints.

THAT will help you stand out from the crowd.

Be one of the 7%. Reduce your risk of injury. Be THE player to look out for.
U12 Soccer Player, Colorado
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